Select Sliding Doors for Bespoke Wardrobes from London Professionals

Fitted wardrobes provide bespoke storage solutions for your home and maximise the use of the tiniest of spaces. Whether you intend to get a book section in your wardrobe or something unique for the children’s toys, you can achieve your objectives with bespoke fitted wardrobes. When getting one in London, you can choose to have sliding doors as part of the ensemble. Sliding doors are popular options because they don’t eat up a lot of space and offer a variety of style choices. What are the considerations when you are thinking about getting sliding doors on a bespoke wardrobe?

Wardrobe Design

Bespoke wardrobes present dozens of design choices that you can tailor to your specifications. You have to consider the design of the wardrobe first before settling on a sliding door selection. Getting all eager about having coloured glass sliding doors in a wardrobe and then finding out that the two don’t match will only disappoint you.

Selecting Sliding Doors for Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes from London

The shape, colour and material of a fitted wardrobe will act as a pretty good guide. Suss out the best matches for wardrobes and sliding doors to know if your wardrobe needs a floor-to-ceiling natural wood or a bevelled mirror door.


The wardrobe space is another aspect that greatly impacts your choice of sliding doors. Even with the space efficiency that bespoke fitted wardrobes and sliding doors offer, you still have to be careful when making the final decision. It is not uncommon to see a homeowner choosing more sliding doors than their wardrobe spaces can allow. The shape of the sliding doors, the number and even the handles will all depend on how much there is to fill. It’s no use having an exquisite high-gloss lacquer door that leaves no room for you to fit a writing desk or vanity in your bedroom.


When looking at sliding doors for bespoke wardrobes in London, the accessibility factor should be on your list. You want a wardrobe door that will allow you access to the storage space without taking too much time or present obstructions, especially when you need to get something out in a hurry.

One advantage you get with sliding doors is that they offer very easy access, but don’t take it for granted. Of course, when it comes to accessibility, elements such as the size, applications and design of the wardrobe will count. For example, the availability of drawers, shelves, wire baskets and pull out rails will matter.

It’s best that you consult and work with professionals who specifically work on bespoke fitted wardrobes, such as 4 Wardrobe to make sure you get both what you want and need.


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