Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes and Great Possible Design Ideas You Could Use

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are meant to give you better control of your space in your bedroom. Stand-alone cabinets or drawers are fine in themselves, but their generic design could severely impact and hamper the way you utilise your space. The result: a topsy-turvy wardrobe that has a failing organisational system.

Great Possible Design Ideas in creating a Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

If you are going to upgrade and renovate your room, then you might as well apply a design that could work best to your advantage, and suited most to your preferences. To help you out with what to do next, here are some design ideas that you could look into.

Location, Location, Location

You can attach your fitted wardrobe in the usual area: beside the bathroom. If you want more unique option, however, you can try for other areas to fit your wardrobe into. You can, for example, use it to create a frame around your window. In between the fitted closets could be a bay window seat, effectively adding not only ample storage but also seating for your room.

If you’re living in a particularly small space, like a condo unit, you can customize a fitted wardrobe to turn it into a functional divider as well. You can even integrate your entertainment system in it in case you’re really pressed for space. The important thing is that you’ll be able to access your tings without a problem.

Mixed and Matched

With bespoke fitted wardrobes, you can easily make a combination of storage space for your various items, from clothing to accessories. Shelves can have add-on drawers, or they could be stand-alone. You can choose to have more hanging space, and let them go all the way up the ceiling, so you can have full utility of the wall-to-ceiling space.

Having multiple hanging layers is also great, too, so you can place the in-season items on the lower rack, within your reach, while you store the out-of-season items on the upper level. This should keep them properly organized in your wardrobe, without getting in the way of your important day-to-day items.

Keep it Discreet

You want your room to look organised that’s why you’re getting bespoke fitted wardrobes from London companies like 4 Wardrobe in the first place. It follows, therefore, that you’d want to retain the aesthetic of your bedroom. Keep your items stuffed away neatly and out of view. You can ask professionals how to make your custom wardrobe blend in subtly to the rest of your room’s design.


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