Basic Tips in Planning the Colour Scheme for Fitted Wardrobes in UK

Pre-fabricated wardrobes can sometimes leave you feeling like you never have enough space for all the storage needs you have in your bedroom, but fitted wardrobes are changing that. With the option to indicate every single aspect of your dream wardrobe, finding a piece that caters to your idea of the perfect storage space is not out of your reach. You can go online and in a matter of minutes, create a bespoke wardrobe.

Follow the Basic Tips in Planning the Colour Scheme for Fitted Wardrobes in UK

With the extensive variety of fitted wardrobes that are readily available in the UK, the options are quite literally, limitless. Colour is one of the elements to think about when putting together a bespoke wardrobe, making it necessary to know about ways of arriving at an ideal colour selection.

Material Consideration

The material to use is one factor that will determine the best colour choices for fitted wardrobes in London. Some materials allow certain colour choices and restrict others. For example, colours that are suitable for solid timber wardrobes are not the ones you would go with when dealing with coloured glass. If a wardrobe contains an element of melamine, then the picks will depend on the colour chart that a store provides.

For a timber wardrobe, you will get a variety of stain alternatives to select from, but you should keep in mind that wood is notorious for colour variation, so what your pick may turn out slightly different in the final result.

Decoration Goals

Consider the rest of the furniture in your bedroom when picking the colour of fitted wardrobes in UK. If a bespoke piece is the last addition, then you will need to integrate it into the existing décor theme, unless there are plans to alter it. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on the overall appearances you want to get in your bedroom. Whether you are going for a contrasting feel or want complementary colours, look at everything around the bedroom vanity, doors and window treatments for guidance.


Don’t forget lighting as well because it will dictate the appropriate colours to have for your wardrobe. It is not just the lighting of the fitted wardrobe but the whole bedroom and well. Walk-in pieces can be tricky when it comes to pairing lighting and colour choices because of all the features you need to take into account. You also have to think about aspects like the amount of natural light the bedroom and wardrobe get like say, if it’s too dark, the colours have to be lighter and vice versa.


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